We are a hands-on golf design firm dedicated to the creation of quality, distinct and exciting golf courses worldwide.

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Our Services

We are a full service Design & Shape architecture firm that specializes in practical, field driven golf course solutions.

We strive to deliver professional golf course architecture services tailored uniquely to our clients needs. Ideas are great, but execution is everything. Whether exploring a new golf course, improving an established course, or restoring a classic one; we are always fully committed to helping our client's projects reach their creative potential.


What separates us from most other design firms is our construction background, our strong on-site presence, and our ability to carry out all artistic shaping work ourselves. 

We firmly believe that by integrating the design process with the construction process results in a much more authentic golf course product.  It allows us to react to the changing landscape in real-time and helps us make informed design decisions throughout every stage of the process. This hands-on approach also ensures that the overall vision and creative detailing are never lost in translation between contractor and designer, as is so often the case.

Honouring both financial objectives and timeframe constraints, we are always committed to maintaining a close working relationship with our clients.  This approach ensures that our clients are informed and engaged with the entire process from start to finish — with no surprises waiting. 

Whether looking at a few problem greens, or an entire long range master plan, our objective is always aimed at finding creative solutions to each golf course project we undertake - no matter what the size or budget. 

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Technology is certainly important in design, but we at Integrative Golf Design believe it's the human touch that creates genuine golf experiences.


We never go out of our way to artificially force features into the landscape, rather we try and use and incorporate natural features with great sensitivity.


Perhaps no issue is more likely to have a more significant impact on the design of golf courses in the 21st century than that of a golf course's relationship with its surrounding environment.

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