Winter Park Renovation


Above:  Concept Plan for the Golf Course

We are excited to announce that we have been commissioned by the City of Winter Park, Florida, to redesign and rebuild their iconic 9-hole community golf course.  Joining forces with Keith Rhebb of Coore & Crenshaw, and also Don Mahaffey of Greenscape Methods, we plan on breaking ground March 1st, of 2016.

Celebrating over 100 years of golf, Winter Park Country Club has a unique history.  Not only is it considered the second oldest golf club in Central Florida, but it has even seen the likes of Hogan, Snead, Sarazen and Hagen play its corridors.  Understanding and respecting this historical significance, our intention is to provide the next chapter in the course’s legacy.

In our opinion, Winter Park Country Club is the epitome of quaint community golf.  It is fun and inclusive, has simple yet interesting routing, is very affordable, and a relaxing round with friends takes less than two hours to complete.  In keeping with these core ideals, our plan is two-fold: to enhance the strategic charm and conditioning of the golf course, and to create a landscape of beauty that the community can be proud of.  It is all about growing the game and giving back to municipal golf.

At the end of the day, we want to leave behind a high quality 'golf-park' that everyone can enjoy for next 100 years to come.  Working closely with the City on this endeavour, we are confident that Winter Park Country Club will be a creative successes and become a future model for other municipal golf courses to follow.

Currently we are finishing up the design and budgeting aspects for the project, construction of the golf course is slated to begin in March and be ready for debut play in the Fall of 2016.  For updates on the progress, follow us on Twitter/Instagram and the Integrative Golf Blog.

Riley Johns@IntegrativeGolf

Keith Rhebb@KeithRhebb

Don Mahaffey@grassdude

Hole 9 Concept Rendering