Welcome to the Integrative Golf Blog

Well, Integrative Golf Design is now web official!  After many years of talking about it, the website is finally up and running.

I would like to welcome everyone to both the company and the blog section of our website.  Here we will post updates about our projects, our golf trips, musings, and any golf related things that we are up to.  We hope to post a blog at least once or twice a year to keep things fresh, but can't promise anything.

For the inaugural blog, I will post a slideshow of my 2013 golf season.  Most of my season was spent with Mr. Tom Doak and his Renaissance Golf associates, and without a doubt one of the most memorable years of work I have ever enjoyed.  It started off in China where I helped briefly with the construction of their Simapo Island project.  Then traveled around with Mr. Doak on several consulting trips to various clubs and then finished with a few months of work at their Traverse City office hanging out with associate Don Placek.  I was extremely lucky in that I played and visited some of the most coveted golf courses in the United States, and even better, I had the privilege of visiting these clubs with Tom Doak himself.  It was a summer I will never forget, and after 50+ rounds of golf, I am finally flirting with that allusive single digit handicap!

Enjoy the slideshow and stay tuned for more updates!

- Riley