2016 Photo Journal

2016 was another fantastic year for Integrative Golf Design.  The success of Winter Park would have been enough for us, but then we got an opportunity to work on our favorite restoration project at the Elmhurst Golf and Country Club in Manitoba, Canada. 

However, instead of focusing this "year-end" blog on our work and projects, I thought it would be more interesting to do a photo journal of all the courses we studied and played.   Part of this profession is going out to different golf courses and playing and experiencing them first hand.  It is a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Experiencing different golf courses and speaking with the professionals behind them is a great way to learn and expand ones awareness of what great golf actually is, and how it is kept.  I enjoy playing courses and trying to figure out what makes them good, bad, fun, difficult, quirky, unique...and so forth.   It helps give me fresh perspective and provides inspiration that I can draw from for my own work.

That said, here are my favorite golf courses I played and studied during the 2016 year. 

Happy New Year to all our golfing friends!

- Riley


2016 Golf Photo Journal