Cochrane Golf Club - Mini Putt

The idea of building a mini putt course may at first seem somewhat lacking in the challenge department.  However, after my first sight visit to the Cochrane Golf Club and seeing the plans, I knew that there was enough artistic merit and construction difficulty to intrigue my senses - plus it was only 10 min from my house! The Club asked for an 18 hole routing that meandered through and around ponds, creeks, and swales in-between all the holes.


The site was an old gravel pit that had been backfilled over the years with a topsoil and pit run mix. As a result, the construction profile called for a woven geotextile, 40cm of pit run base, and 5cm of road crush, which would then be paved with 8cm of asphalt. We had to complete compaction testing on two lifts for the sub-base and a final test on the crush. The perimeter had to have a minimum 1 meter tall berm to provide screening for the surrounding housing.


With the help of the maintenance crew, we were able to bring ourselves to about 90% completion in 8 weeks -- not a small feat for such new territory.  There is still topsoil to spread, pond liners to be installed, trees to be planted and  mulch and gravel to be spread between the holes.  The early Alberta winter shut things down for the season but all-in-all, everyone is happy with the progress to date. 


Stay tuned for completed pics in the early spring!


- Dan

Riley Johns